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On-Demand Webinar

Creating a meaningful experience for your constituents goes beyond communicating a consistent message through different channels – it should extend engagement through the best channels that activate your audiences. While some organizations hit the mark, the speed at which digital, social, phone, and even the role of mail, have evolved in recent years may have resulted in a less-than-ideal omnichannel experience for most constituents. 

In this webinar, Kacey Crawford, VP of Digital Strategy at Pursuant, will sit down with Mike Liddell, General Manager of Digital at Bonterra, to share how you can leverage technology to:

  • Deliver meaningful interactions with your most loyal supporters
  • Create a holistic experience that converts constituents to donors
  • Measure and attribute multiple touch points to paint the full picture of a donor’s experience with your organization.

This session will reveal the nuts and bolts of how data and technology work together to drive an optimal experience for your constituents.

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