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MidLevelGiving_Pt1-4_3DCover-1Many organizations focus their efforts on major gifts, but mid-level donors offer stability to nonprofit organizations’ budgets too. Similarly to rolling out the red carpet for your major donors, mid-level donors want personalized attention.

In this comprehensive resource, we break down the ins and outs of mid-level donors and offer the tools to help you build the case to invest in a mid-level giving program at your organization.

This guide also outlines the data and tools available to help you scale a highly personalized approach for your mid-level donors, and also provides real-world examples of organizations that have raised thousands of dollars because of these tools.

This guide will help you learn:

  • Building a case for developing a mid-level giving program
  • How to build a mid-level giving program
  • The data & technology you need to power your mid-level giving program
  • How to design a communications plan for your mid-level giving program

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