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It’s more important than ever to reach donors where they are. Unfortunately, they’re in a lot of different places. One-size-fits-all campaigns are no longer effective; to drive today’s donors to action, you must deliver messages that are timely and relevant to their interests and values. And, your messages must be consistent across their preferred channels. 

This is omnichannel marketing—it’s built around donor preferences and behaviors and will boost loyalty to your cause. When done right, omnichannel marketing creates a positive experience for your donor at every stage of interaction with your brand. It anticipates what your donors want and makes giving to your cause easy and intuitive.

Don’t worry, you don’t need a marketing degree to get omnichannel marketing right. This guide is your ultimate resource to help you:

  • Break down the organizational silos preventing omnichannel communication
  • Develop a data-driven strategy based on donor preferences, motivations, and behaviors
  • Reduce costs and donor frustration while minimizing lost opportunities
  • Increase the lifetime value of your donors by cultivating deeper, more meaningful relationships

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