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Jennie Ellwanger

On-demand Webinar

Cryptocurrency volatility has recently made headlines, but at the end of the day blockchain technology is here to stay. If your organization isn’t considering accepting crypto donations, you could be missing out on a potentially fruitful source of revenue. Learn how this new technology can help your nonprofit better achieve its mission. 

Tune in to learn how Jennie Ellwanger of SOS Children’s Villages USA implemented a crypto-giving program that has more than paid for itself in a few years' time.

In this 45-minute webinar you’ll learn:

  • Basic facts around crypto and the current market
  • How to accept crypto and what that means for your nonprofit
  • What acceptance of crypto means for your constituents
  • Who the typical crypto donor is and how you can reach them

Guest Speaker


Jennie Ellwanger

Senior Director of Annual and Individual Giving, SOS Children's Villages USA


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