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An uncertain economy introduces substantial guesswork into the strategic planning process.  How much could your program grow this year? Where should you grow? Or cut? On top of that, keeping abreast of multiple industry benchmarks can feel overwhelming. 

Helping fundraisers feel confident about their strategies is why we created the Giving Outlook. This annual free guide provides a comprehensive snapshot of the current fundraising climate, drawing on data from multiple industry reports and featuring expert insights from Matthew Mielcarek, our Senior Vice President of Insights, Analytics, and Experience.

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You'll gain access to a wealth of knowledge, including:

  • A summary of the latest industry conditions and potential challenges to watch out for in the year ahead
  • Nonprofit industry trends, best practices, and guiding principles to inform your strategies
  • Fresh ideas for enhancing your direct response and digital marketing programs to engage donors effectively
  • Insights from peer fundraising professionals on current performance and goals attainment
  • Key questions for your leadership team to ask when connecting with your fundraising team, fostering collaboration and success

But that's not all! You'll also receive a recording of our Giving Outlook webinar. Our experts will dive deeper into the insights from the Giving Outlook, providing additional context and answering your burning questions. It's an incredible opportunity to learn, share, and collaborate with fellow nonprofit professionals.

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Complete the form to get access to the eBook