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Philanthropy is transforming before our eyes. The COVID-19 pandemic changed the course of fundraising seemingly overnight. Did your organization miss the exit?

Traditionally, the Pursuant Giving Outlook has leveraged data trends from the previous year to make assumptions about the road ahead. It’s an understatement to say that 2020 is different. It’s time to stop looking back and start looking forward.

While there is no crystal ball for fundraising, it’s safe to say that giving will be sporadic and unconventional. How will you leverage COVID donors in 2020 and beyond?

The 2020 Pursuant Giving Outlook

This year, the Pursuant Giving Outlook will help you ensure your organization is on course to maximize growth.

We know you’re facing some of the hardest decisions you’ve ever encountered. It’s our mission to walk beside you and equip you for the difficult road ahead.

The 2020 Pursuant Giving Outlook unpacks:

  • An overview of current conditions and precautions to keep in mind.
  • Industry-specific trends and benchmarks.
  • How digital giving is transforming the philanthropic landscape
  • Action steps you can take today to maximize growth

Download the 2020 Pursuant Giving Outlook today to start making data-informed decisions for the coming months and beyond.

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