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Join us at 12 PM CDT on Wednesday, June 24, to learn how The Pocket Testament League used the Pursuant GivingDNA Platform to identify the right data they needed to reach their fundraising goals.
When it comes to making data-driven fundraising decisions, sometimes too much information can be a hindrance, rather than a help.
You'll learn how the Pocket Testament League:
  • Used data to quickly and easily identify their most passionate supporters
  • Improved their connection rates with mid-level donors by as much as 30%
  • Leveraged third party data overlays to maximize major gift portfolios
  • Increased their average gift by 34%
  • ... and more!
At a time when every donor matters more than ever, this is a compelling story that we'd love to share with you.
Sign up for the webinar today to learn how to use data to optimize your fundraising programs.

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