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Do you feel like there are more donors who would give, but are not sure who to ask or where to expand your marketing efforts? 

Pursuant’s Market Opportunity Analysis was built to help you:

  • Generate greater impact by expanding your addressable universe of donors
  • Mitigate the risk of launching a new program or entering a new market
  • Produce maximum results by focusing your marketing and fundraising efforts around the right message

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How it Works

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We combine advanced analytics & experienced counsel to provide…

  1. Qualitative market research conducted on donors who fit your ideal persona
  2. A comprehensive list of your highest potential markets prioritized by their direct response giving potential
  3. Detailed profiles of your most valuable donor segments for acquisition within priority markets
Leena Patel

Our mission is to help people. Across the board, our campaigns with Pursuant effectively bring that mission to life. Their expertise and understanding of our goals have not only increased awareness about the importance of what we do but also have driven PAN to look into expanding resources to further help people. We continue to learn and grow thanks to Pursuant’s strategic thinking, execution, and creative. 

Leena Patel

Vice President Of Development, Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation