How to break through barriers and create a truly integrated donor experience

Most nonprofits recognize the importance of engaging donors through multiple channels, but many times these efforts either aren’t strategic or aren’t centered around the goal of driving donors toward deeper levels of engagement with the organization. To optimize the use of all communication channels and thereby increase donor engagement, nonprofits must move toward an integrated fundraising approach.

Why is it essential for nonprofits to integrate their efforts? When your organization employs an integrated strategy, you can:
  • Cultivate deeper, more relevant relationships with your donors.
  • Reduce costs and minimize lost opportunities.
  • Reduce donor frustration.  
  • Increase the lifetime value of donors.
  • Build stronger internal relationships and team morale.
This resource will help you break down some of the barriers that prevent organizations from creating an integrated donor experience and take steps toward enjoying the opportunities it creates for your cause.

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