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We empower fundraisers with actionable data intelligence that allows you to quickly profile and segment your donors and take the next steps toward custom donor experiences.

  • Segment and prioritize which supporters to engage.
  • Convert supporters when they are ready to act.
  • Get recommended plays to acquire, engage and retain supporters.
  • Create highly personalized content that fuels connection.
  • Engage your current supporters more personally.

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How it Works


Understand the GivingDNA of your supporters

Before you can engage your supporters, you have to know them. We gather hundreds of attributes including demographics, behavior, psychographics, affiliation, engagement channel preference and timing. Our technology decodes each supporter, from major gifts to casual supporters, revealing elements of who they are and what motivates them to action.


The GivingDNA platform has accelerated our mid-level program by helping us improve our call lists for our outbound strategy. We have seen increased connect rates and higher post-call donation amounts. The tool is straight-forward and easy-to-use. The support team has been phenomenal. I cannot recommend this platform highly enough to colleagues who are looking to maximize their fundraising teams and ensure they are reaching out to the right people on their file at the right time.

Mollie Yoder | Pocket Testament League