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Recalibrate Your Fundraising

Organizations have been thrust into a unique crisis that requires innovative thinking as they navigate the "next normal." The Fundraising Strategy Assessment will help you re-evaluate strategy, prioritize tactics, and activate new market opportunities.

Business as Usual is Long Gone.

Cancelled events. Disrupted communication calendars. Video donor meetings. Economic uncertainty. Staff furloughs and layoffs.

Every organization is faced with tremendous uncertainty and unique pressures. And your leadership is looking to you for vision, clarity, and predictability in this evolving fundraising environment.

Fundraisers like you are facing challenging questions, such as:

Question Mark
How do we adapt to this evolving environment?
Question Mark
Who are the donors we can look to who will support us the most in these uncertain times?
Question Mark
What are the best channels to prioritize our messaging based on who are donors are?
Find Your Way Forward

Pursuant was built to collaborate with leaders like you to tackle the toughest issues of our time.

We’ve assembled an experienced team of strategists, creatives, and analysts who have ‘been there’ like you have. We have rich experience from top nonprofit organization brands and for-profit companies.

We also have the most powerful data engine in the industry. Our proprietary Pursuant GivingDNA™ Platform leverages Augmented Intelligence to dig deep into your data. And our experienced teams bring that data to life to help inform key strategies, priorities, and impactful tactics that get fundraising results.

The Fundraising Strategy Assessment

In as little as six weeks or less, our team will provide you with key strategies to activate around the most critical donor segments in your file. The Fundraising Strategy Assessment will help you:

Identify donor prospects with the most ability to give in the present circumstances

Our strategists will help you identify the donor audiences with the greatest resiliency and highest potential to give. You'll also receive key recommendations that can be executed by your team, existing partners, or Pursuant to assist in the execution.

Develop a roadmap for growth that will help you activate donor opportunity segments

Reach the right donors with the right message through the right channel. Our strategists will help you identify engagement strategies that align with your existing vision and objectives.

Leverage the GivingDNA™ Platform for ongoing Augmented Donor Intelligence Data

Our GivingDNA™ Platform provides key insights, analysis, trends, and modeling to pinpoint key donor segments and maximize giving results. You'll also receive strategic coaching that empowers you to leverage the Platform into the next twelve months.

We knew something had to change. We needed new strategies and tactics for stewarding and retaining our existing donors.

Vanessa Andrews